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Other Independent Living Services

There are many other services the Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin (CILWW) can provide support and training for individuals with disabilities.

CILWW also provides many other services:

In addition to our five core services, we can also provide and assist you with additional services that may be beneficial to you. The following services are available from CILWW, please contact us if you need more information:

Center for Independent Living of Western WisconsinBenefits Analysis/ PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support)
A Benefits Specialist will meet with an individual to discuss their current benefits situation and explain how employment may affect these benefits. The Specialist will explain the options that the person may choose to utilize once they begin their job. A Benefits Specialist may assist in the development of an individualized PASS plan. The specialist will discuss with the consumer their PASS plan options and assist in the writing and submission of the plan.

ADA Implementation and Assessments
CILWW staff can assist your business or organization to understand and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This may include helping with a self-evaluation and working to develop an implementation plan.

Home Modifications and Accessibility
CILWW staff will meet and discuss ways to improve a consumer’s home accessibility. Staff will assist in identifying areas that could be improved and offer possible solutions. Recommendations could include a ramp design, building information, or suggestions on how to remodel a bathroom for better access. CILWW will also provide information on funding options for these projects.

Device Loan and Demonstration Program
CILWW has over 2,000 pieces of assistive technology available for short-term trials. This provides an opportunity for consumers to try out equipment and determine if it meets their needs. Adaptive equipment may increase a person’s independence by giving them more control within their environment, the ability to communicate better, manage household tasks, and accomplish daily living needs. CILWW staff also has knowledge of where to acquire equipment and any potential funding options that may be available.

The Wisconsin Telework Loan Program is a statewide, alternative loan program for residents with disabilities to purchase computers and other equipment needed. The WisLoan Program offers loans for assistive technology. The loans help people buy equipment such as hearing aids, modified vehicles, wheelchairs etc.

Independent Living Assessments/ Independent Living Skills Assessment
Independent living assessments are used to help assist individuals seeking to stay independent in their homes. Independent living includes the skills and knowledge an individual needs to direct his or her life at home and in the community. Independent Living Skills Assessment is in-home assessment identifies a person’s independent living skill strengths and areas needing improvement. A participant may perform hands-on tasks, use adaptive equipment, and demonstrate abilities in community living circumstances. A written report is provided.

Youth Services
Youth service is a service that develops skills specifically designed for youth with disabilities between the ages of 14 and 24 to promote self-awareness and esteem, develop empowerment skills and to explore career options, including postsecondary education

Community Education
CILWW personnel may provide information and training on disabilities and disability-related issues. This includes presentations on disability awareness, Center services, assistive technology, legislation, and independent living issues.

We provide information, resources, and access to assistive technology, explain available options, and demonstrate equipment.  Assistance with TEPPTAP, and other funding program applications is also available.

Computer Assessment/Training
This assessment is a hands-on approach to trying out the computer and adaptive equipment. The assessment generally takes 2 – 3 hours with a comprehensive report included. CILWW also provides short-term training in the use of adaptive computer software and hardware. This may also include installation of software and/or hardware.