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Board Member Job Description

CILWW Board members, appointed for a three-year term, are expected to regularly attend Board meetings, which will range from eight to ten a year, and be a member of at least one committee which will meet a similar number of times. Meetings are usually held in Menomonie, but may on occasion be held in other locations within the service area.

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the Board member, but travel reimbursement may be available for expenses incurred. There are 13 members on the Board of Directors, 51% of whom must have a disability.

Basic Requirements – All Board members will possess:

1) A sincere awareness of and interest in the ability of individuals with disabilities to lead independent lifestyles.
2) A sincere conviction that the center performs a useful public service.
3) A concern with the Center’s role in the community.
4) A skill/interest in areas such as fund raising, management, law, public relations, disability issues.
5) An ability to represent a current or potential service population.
6) Ability and willingness to listen with an open mind.


General responsibilities – All Board members will:

1) Attend and participate in Board and committee meetings.
2) Make a firm commitment to achieve the Center’s goals and objectives.
3) Help the Board to reach group decisions.
4) Maintain awareness of changing needs in the community
5) Support and participate in fundraising activities.
6) Perform the job effectively by constantly evaluating one’s changing role contribution to the board.
7) Engage in creative strategic planning with other board members and CIL staff.
8) Assume responsibility for the disposition of CILWW resources in a manner that is both legal and in the best interest of the center and the persons served.


Specific Responsibilities – All Board members are required to:

1) Commit to an average 4 to 6 hours a month for board and committee meetings and associated functions.
2) Possess and use specific skills and contacts for the betterment of the center (fundraising, community service, contact, etc.)
3) Make themselves available, at least by telephone, to address unexpected problems or developments.
4) Participate in at least one board committee and if unable to attend contact committee chair.
5) Attend all board meetings and if unable to attend, contact Executive Director.


Role of the Board of Directors:

1) Attends CILWW board and committee meetings.
2) Develops and maintains annual CILWW short and long-range goals and objectives.
3) Maintain authority and responsibility for policies, procedures, and programs involving the delivery of independent living services for CILWW.
4) Provide sanction and legitimacy to the work of the center.
5) Ensures continued financial stability of the center.
6) Encourages appropriate non-board individuals to serve on task/ad-hoc committees.
7) Promotes a positive and productive work environment for the staff.
8) Develops and oversees personnel policies.