questions to Ask When Looking at Housing

Please print this out and use it when looking for housing

question Your Answer
Is this unit for a Family?  
Is this unit for Elderly persons?  
Does this building have more then one level, and if so, what floor is this unit on?  
How many bedrooms does this unit have?  
Is this unit wheelchair accessible?  
Is there a laundry room?  
What floor is the laundry room on?  
Are there carts available to assist with carrying the laundry?  
Does the bathroom have a roll-in shower?  
Are there public restrooms?  
Is there an elevator?  
Is there a meal site, if so, where is it located and what is the cost?  
Is there a beauty shop on site?  
Does this facility have an accessible community room?  
Is the kitchen for public use?  
Does the unit have a visual smoke alarm system?  
Is housekeeping available in this facility?  
Does this facility offer personal care?  
Is the building secured?  
What type of security system is it - key entry, card, etc?  
When is it secured?  
Does this unit have power doors?  
If so, are they accessible using a remote control?  
Are the door handles lever styles?  
Does the entrance open into an interior or outside hallway, or both?  
Are the emergency evacuation routs clearly posted?  
Are there storage facilities?  
Are there mailboxes or must tenants use the post office?  
Are there shopping or recreational activities near this location?  
Is this unit located on the bus route?  
Are there any other transportation options for someone who does not drive?  


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